Mulligan Stew Food for Cats

Mulligan Stew for cats is a traditional pate-style pet food. Our simple and nutritious formula is patent-pending and goes to work in your cat’s body to help nourish its cells for optimal whole body health. Our unique Formulation Guarantee program ensures that our product is manufactured with the finest ingredients and to our company’s strict guidelines. Mulligan Stew food for cats is a product you can feed to your cat with confidence!

And not only that but, our food will most certainly improve the life quality of your cat and make its health better than before. Thanks to our unique formula, we have found a perfect balance between natural ingredients and nutritious diet. We want the best for your furry loved one.


Mulligan Stew for cats is currently available in four (4) delicious recipes that cats go crazy for, including Trout, Turkey, Snake River Stew (a combination of Trout & Whitefish) and Salmon.

Mulligan Stew for cats truly is Revolutionary Pet Nutrition!