8 Ways to Keep Your Home Clean With Dogs



If you want to know how to make a mess by doing absolutely nothing- keep a dog- you’ll learn fast enough that kids are easier to clean up after than your pet dog! The amount of mess and brouhaha that they can create is enough to drive homeowners crazy and keeping the house clean is quite a challenge. Well, you can’t do without your pet but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with a smelly house. With a little effort on your part, you should be able to contain the ‘doggy upheaval’ and trap the dirt, leaves, dog hair and all the junk your pet brings in.

Here are a few tips that you can put to practice:

Vacuum Regularly

That’s the easiest way to keep a house clean and the best way too, especially if there are carpets and rugs around where your pet will insist on sleeping. Though vacuuming is reasonably effortless, having to do it more than once a day could be a bother and a chore. Carpets catch pet odors and hair, attract dirt, and dust mites so they need constant attention. This is where the best robot vacuum for pet hair can do wonders as it can be programmed to run at specific times- even when you’re asleep.

Contain the Furs

It can be disastrous to have dog fur all over the place, and the secret to arrest that float is simple brushing. All dogs love to be brushed (do the brushing outside the house) and to catch that stray fur, use a lint roller or a lint brush on your furniture and a Swiffer on your hardwood and tiles. In fact, use it anywhere your pet is likely to be. No more fur build up- easy isn’t it?

Keep that Mess at Bay

You can’t prevent accidents from happening as dogs are famous for leaving ‘surprises’ all around. However, you can prevent the stains and smells from gathering. Use cleansers and products that help neutralize dog-mess odors and catch those stains before they spread.

Clean Dog Bowls

The eating area and the bowls can become unsightly if not cleaned on a regular basis. Pet drool, spilled over food, dribbles, dirty trims, walls and marked floors can cause your home to look dirty and unhygienic. Rinse food and water bowls regularly with hot water to contain the bacterial spread, give the floor under and near the bowl a nice wipe-down, clean the trims well – it just takes a few minutes.

Make use of Litter Boxes

Keep litter boxes lined with plastic sheets so that it’s easier to get rid of waste. Either use a litter scoop to clean the box daily or remove the plastic sheets and use fresh ones every day. A little baking soda inside the litter box should help contain litter odor.

Seasonal also did a review on the carpet cleaners that might interest you as a way to keep your home clean.

Keep those Baths Going

Dogs may not like baths but it’s a good way to keep your pet dog clean and smelling nice. If that’s not possible, keep pet wipes handy and give them a good rub down- they contain moisturizers and essential oils- both of which are great for keeping your pet smelling good. Wipes and a wet towel are good to give their dirty paws a wipe as you can’t expect them to wipe their feet before they come in.

Make their Favorite Spots Inviting

Everyone has their favorite nooks and corners- so do dogs when they want to rest. An old, thick, warm towel or a soft rug is rather encouraging. That will hopefully keep them off the sofas and couches and even your bed. Make it nice and soft so that your dog will love that spot.

Have Cleaning Supplies on Hand

Keep those ready for use at any time. Though baking soda does wonders, it’s always good to have those air fresheners around too, especially if you’re having guests. You can buy cleansing sprays or make your own using vinegar, water, and dish soap- shaving foam cream is a great ‘stain remover’. Keep paper towels and disposable plastic bags handy.

In conclusion, you love your pet but you want a clean home too, and that just takes a little doing. After all, dogs, being what they are, will bring in dirty paws and bodies riddled with dirt and grime. By keeping them clean, you help keep your house clean and that means both live in a hygienic environment- a healthy way to live.