Dogs also need grooming regularly.

Easy Dog Grooming Every Dog Needs Regularly



Like humans, who brush their teeth and comb their hair daily, dogs also need grooming regularly. And some dog grooming is especially important. Luckily those grooming necessities are easy for pet owners to do at home. So improve your dog’s happiness and health with these dog grooming steps that every dog needs regularly.
Dog Grooming for Dog Hygiene

Dog grooming for hygiene is perhaps the most important dog grooming step of all. By grooming the fur under your dog’s tail you can help him stay clean always. Without this dog grooming step, feces will collect on the fur, until the clump is so large that the dog will remain filthy each time he poops. This can lead to illness, not to mention unpleasant smell and soiling of your home. Dog grooming under the tail is best done with dog grooming clippers or a human haircut clipper. Simply shave the area around the anus carefully. And groom the tail as well, where it comes in contact with the anus.

Dog Grooming for Dog Eyes

Many dog breeds have fur curling around and over their eyes. Make it an important part of your dog grooming routine to trim these bangs so your dog can see better. You can use dog grooming clippers or a human haircut clipper. It’s even easier if you use scissors for this dog grooming. Simply bring the blunt, side of the scissors close your dog’s eye and cut the fur at a sideways angle.

Dog Grooming for Dog Teeth

Your dog's oral health greatly depends on his diet.Dog grooming of teeth depends first on your dog’s diet. If your dog eats sugary treats, you should brush his teeth regularly as part of your dog grooming routine. Use a dog tooth brush and tooth paste. But if your dog eats dog food or human food that is not overly sweet, then giving your dog hard food to munch can play an important role in your dog grooming routine. Dry food will clean the teeth of tartar as the dog munches, as will chew sticks, or the specially formulated Greenie teeth cleaning treats. Please watch your dog closely as he chews the Greenies, as swallowing this hard food whole can be very dangerous.

Dog Grooming for Dog Paws

In nature, the nails of animals get naturally filed. But the nails of pet dogs will grow very long if not clipped. This is a crucial step in dog grooming, as long nails make it hard to walk, and can lead to back pain, limping and paw pain. Begin this dog grooming step by cutting excess fur from the paws with dog grooming clippers. Once the dog’s nails are exposed, follow these simple steps to clipping dog nails safely.