Find Your Lost Pet

Being that I have owned dogs, cats, and other animals foCat hiding inside the paper bag.r many years, I have had the unfortunate experience of losing a beloved pet from time to time. So I’m writing from experience on how to find your lost pet.

One day I had repairmen at my house, and my housecat “Kermit” escaped through an open door. He was petrified of being outside, so Kermit hid in the garage. Which leads me to my first tip to find your lost pet: be sure to thoroughly check your premises FIRST. If Kitty or Rover or your pet skunk turns up missing, get the family together to do a thorough search of your property. Split up the search group so half inspects the inside, while the other half searches the outside. Tell everyone to call your pet’s name out loudly. You may just find your “lost” pet right there at home.

As the old saying goes, “don’t leave any stone unturned.” You’d be surprised at the tiny, remote places your lost pet might climb into to hide.

If you don’t find your lost pet after an hour or so of intense searching, then it’s time to spread your search out to a wider area. Before you set out on your wider search, grab a recent picture of your lost pet to take along. Then, check with your neighbors to see if they have seen him or her. If they haven’t, ask delivery people, repair people, work crews, postal carriers, taxi drivers, crossing guards, business owners, and anyone else you see in the immediate area, if they have seen your lost pet. Search your neighborhood to see if you can find your pet.Post flier of missing pet around the neighborhood.

Still no luck? Then it’s time to broaden the search area even wider to find your lost pet. Get your phone book out and call the animal shelters in your area. Put them on alert that you’re searching for your lost dog, cat, or other animal. Give each shelter a description of your pet and your name and phone number. Tell them you’ll have fliers printed up shortly, and you’ll drop one off to them. I suggest you call all of the animal shelters, especially the ones that still euthanize stray animals. Because, your phone call could save your lost pet’s life if it’s been missing from home for a period of days.

You should also call local animal rescue centers. And, if your lost pet is a dog, you should also contact the office of your local animal protection officer.

You can easily use your computer to make up an attention-getting “Lost Pet” flier. Include a clear picture of your pet and a full description of him/her. To find your lost pet, the description should include his or her breed, weight, height, eye color, and age. Include any identifying features about your specific pet. Examples include, “Is missing its tail”, or “Limps when she walks”.

You should also include in your flier any vital details a finder may need to know about your lost pet. Examples of these include, “Fido is on medication for Diabetes”, or “Fluffy is due to deliver kittens any day.” And, include your name and address on the flier.

Note: You may mention if Fluffy or Fido was wearing an identification collar when they disappeared. However, statistics show that many dogs and cats who are found aren’t wearing any collars.

To help find your lost pet, you may also choose to offer a reward for its return. A reward sometimes entices people to help search for a lost pet.

Print out many fliers on your printer. Then, enlist the help of your family and friends to pass them out all over your neighborhood. To help find your lost pet, don’t forget to drop a flier off to each of the local animal shelters.

Post your “Lost Pet” fliers on bulletin boards in grocery stores, post offices, veterinarian offices, churches, laundry mats, and in other public places. Also, to find your lost pet, place an ad in your local newspapers. Sometimes, it doesn’t cost a dime to use a newspapers “Lost and Found” column. Remember to check your local paper to see if someone has found your pet.

Dog reunited with owner.In the meantime, continue to search your neighborhood for your dog, cat, or other animal. Don’t forget to call your lost pet’s name out loudly during your search.

Above all, don’t give up on your quest to find your lost pet! Dogs, cats, and other animals have been lost for years, but they miraculously found their ways home, or were returned by a good Samaritan.